WESG 2018 DOTA Schedule, Standings, Bracket, Result, Prize Pool, & Teams Blog

WESG DOTA 2 2018 will be held in Chongqing, China on March 7 up to March 10, 2019. This is the 3rd season of WESG DOTA 2 competition with the prize pool of $5.5 million dollars.

According to Liquipedia, there are 68,000 players from 126 countries that will compete for the top-tier price.

The primary sponsor of WESG is Alibaba Group – which is also the major sponsor of The Olympics.

All teams should be composed of players with the same nationality, and this is what makes WESG different from other major esport tournaments, WESG is like an Olympics in video gaming.

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WESG DOTA 2 2018 Format and Groups

This year’s format is similar to last year’s format. The event is divided into two: a) Group stage and b) Playoffs

Group Stage Format

  • BO 2 (best of two) – this is a round-robin BO2 match where all teams in each group will face each other.
  • The top two teams will go to upper bracket while the bottom two will go to loser’s bracket.

Playoff Format

  • All games are BO3 single elimination.


The total number of participating teams is 24. All teams are group into four with six teams each group.

Group A

  • Team Ukraine
  • TeamAster
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Omega Gaming

Group B

  • Keen Gaming
  • Team Australia
  • LeetPro
  • Gorillaz-Pride
  • Deutchlando
  • Nemiga Gaming

Group C

  • Room310
  • Fate Esports
  • White-Off
  • TNC Predator
  • The Final Tribe

Group D

  • Mr Game Boy
  • PotM Bottom
  • NoLifer5
  • MEGA Aorus
  • Team Canarinho
  • Team Mongolia

WESG DOTA 2018 Standings

Group Stage

Group A

Team Ukraine2-0-06p
Reckoning Esports0-1-01p
Omega Gaming0-0-20p

Group B

Keen Gaming1-1-04p
Team Australia0-2-02p
Nemiga Gaming0-1-01p

Group C

TNC Predator1-0-03p
TEAM TEAM0-1-11p
The Final Tribe0-1-01p
Fate Esports0-1-01p

Group D

Team Mongolia0-0-10p
PotM Bottom2-0-06p
Team Canarinho0-1-01p
MEGA Aorus0-0-10p

WESG DOTA 2 2018 Schedule

The whole duration of WESG Dota 2 2018 event will be four days starting March 7, 2019 up to March 10, 2019 GMT+ 8

Group A Schedule

TimeRoundPlaying TeamsScore
Mar 7 12:001TeamAster VS BLACKJACK1-1
Mar 7 12:001Omega Gaming VS Team Ukraine0-2
Mar 7 16:002EHOME VS Team Ukraine0-2
Mar 7 16:002Omega Gaming VS EHOME0-2
Mar 7 20:003Reckoning Esports VS TeamAster1-1
Mar 7 20:003BLACKJACK VS Reckoning Esports
Mar 8 12:004BLACKJACK VS Team Ukraine
Mar 8 12:004Reckoning Esports VS EHOME
Mar 8 12:004TeamAster VS EHOME
Mar 8 16:005TeamAster VS Omega Gaming
Mar 8 16:005Team Ukraine VS Reckoning Esports
Mar 8 16:005EHOME VS TeamAster
Mar 8 20:006Omega Gaming VS BLACKJACK
Mar 8 20:006Reckoning Esports VS Omega Gaming
Mar 8 20:006Team Ukraine VS TeamAster

Group B Schedule

TimeRoundTeams PlayingScore
Mar 7 12:001Gorillaz-Pride VS LeetPro1-1
Mar 7 12:001Team Australia VS KeenGaming1-1
Mar 7 16:002LeetPro VS Nemiga Gaming1-1
Mar 7 16:002Keen Gaming VS Deutchlando2-0
Mar 7 20:003Gorillaz-Pride VS Nemiga Gaming
Mar 7 20:003Team Australia VS Deutchlando
Mar 8 12:004Keen Gaming VS LeetPro
Mar 8 12:004Team Austalia VS Gorillaz-Pride
Mar 8 12:004Nemiga Gaming VS Deutchlando
Mar 8 16:005LeetPro VS Team Australia
Mar 8 16:005Deutchlando VS Gorillaz-Pride
Mar 8 16:005Nemiga Gaming VS Keen Gaming
Mar 8 20:006Deutchlando VS LeetPro
Mar 8 20:006Nemiga Gaming VS Team Australia
Mar 8 20:006Gorillaz-Pride VS Keen Gaming

Group C Schedule

TimeRoundTeams PlayingScore
Mar 7 14:001Fate Esports VS Room3101-1
Mar 7 14:001White-Off VS TEAMTEAM2-0
Mar 7 18:002TEAMTEAM VS The Final Tribe1-1
Mar 7 18:002TNC VS Room3102-0
Mar 7 22:003
Mar 7 22:003TNC VS Fate Esports
Mar 8 14:004TEAMTEAM VS Room310
Mar 8 14:004TNC VS The Final Tribe
Mar 8 14:004Fate Esports VS White-Off
Mar 8 18:005White-Off VS TNC
Mar 8 18:005Fate Esports VS TEAMTEAM
Mar 8 18:005Room310 VS The Final Tribe
Mar 8 22:006The Final Tribe VS Fate Esports
Mar 8 22:006Room310 VS White-Off

Group D Schedule

TimeRoundTeams PlayingScore
Mar 7 14:001PotM Bottom VS MEGA Aorus2-0
Mar 7 14:001NoLifer5 VS Mr Game Boy1-1
Mar 7 18:002Team Canarinho VS Mr Game Boy2-0
Mar 7 18:002PotM Bottom VS Team Mongolia
Mar 7 22:003Team Canarinho VS NoLifer5
Mar 7 22:003Team Mongolia VS MEGA Aorus
Mar 8 14:004Team Mongolia VS Team Canarinho
Mar 8 14:004NoLifer5 VS MEGA Aorus
Mar 8 14:004Mr Game Boy VS PotM Bottom
Mar 8 18:005MGB
Mar 8 18:005Mr Game Boy VS Team Mongolia
Mar 8 18:005NoLifer5 VS PotM Bottom
Mar 8 22:006MEGA Aorus VS Team Canarinho
Mar 8 22:006MEGA Aorus VS Mr Game Boy
Mar 8 22:006Team Canarinho VS NoLifer5
Mar 8 22:006PotM Bottom VS Team Canarinho

WESG DOTA 2 2018 Teams

Here are the participating teams that are qualified from their regional qualifiers.

Team UkraineKeen GamingRoom310Mr Game Boy
TeamAsterTeam AustraliaTEAMTEAMPotM Bottom
BLACKJACKLeetProFate EsportsNoLifer5
Reckoning EsportsGorillaz-PrideWhite-OffMEGA Aorus
EHOMEDeutchlandoTNC PredatorTeam Canarinho
Omega GamingNemiga GamingThe Final TribeTeam Mongolia